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It has been several months since I announced that I had some investors that were interested
in starting a light sport enterprise in central Florida. That has slowed by a weak business
survey but it is still a future possibility. Therefore, I have decided to form a flying club and start
with a leased X-Air LSA. It will be a 501(c) non-profit corporation and is based on a very
successful flying club I used to belong to in California..

The model I am using is Plus One Flyers. Look them up on the Internet. They have been in
business for 26 years and I trust we can be as professional and successful as they have been

Village Flyers, Inc is now a registered not for profit Florida corporation. Village Flyers is a club
with the purpose of providing the lowest cost aircraft rental rates and flight instruction for The
Villages and the local community. We have obtained a lease on an X-Air LS light sport airplane
based at Free Flight Airport in Coleman, FL. This YOUR club in as much as the club will be run
by the members. An election will be held shortly after the initial membership roster is
established where officers and directors will be elected.

The initial Membership Meeting will be held at Free Flight Airport on Saturday, June 18 at 9:00
AM. There will be a presentation on the club operating structure, procedures, rental rates,
safety program and how to join the club. For the people that wish to, weather permitting, new
members will be able to get checked out in the X-Air that day by the club flight instructor.
Directions to the airport are listed below. Please call Scott Charlton at 352-603-7535 so we can
get a head count for the meeting.

Joining Village Flyers is Simple!

To join Village Flyers just attend our new member briefing at Free Flight airport in at 1511
Taylor Avenue, Coleman, FL . Directions: Take route 301 to Coleman turn north on Church St.
until it ends. You will see the START sign on the fence and turn right on Taylor. It is the first
entrance on your left and also has a START sign.

A sport Pilot Certificate does not require an FAA medical so all you need to bring with you is:

1.       Florida driver’s license
2.       Check book for club fees (to be detailed at the meeting).

If you are already a pilot also bring:

1.       Your pilot logbook
2.       Medical Certificate if you have one (NOT required).

What to expect at the briefing:

1.       The Safety or Operations Officer will review:
a.       Club membership form to be completed and signed.
b.      Club operating procedures.
c.       Club By-laws, code of conduct and operational rules.
2.       Certificated pilots: The operations officer will explain what is needed to check out in a
Light Sport airplane and the Village Flyers safety program. A safety briefing will follow. A check-
out with a club instructor is required and will be scheduled. If the airplane is available, you can
schedule your check ride that day.
3.       Student or prospective student pilot: You will be briefed on what it takes to get a sport
pilot license and then a short briefing by the safety officer.

Please allow an hour to complete the briefings and become a member..

Scott Charlton            1864 Harding Path           The Villages, FL 32162-3477