The Villages Aviation Club
Local Doctors which do BasicMed Exams
Medical Page
Dr. Ron Shelley, MD   
Aviation Medical Examiner
6108 SE Front Road
      Belleview, FL34420    
352-245-2288  phone
Dr. Brent Stabler, MD      
Belleview Care Center
Part of The Villages Health Care System.  Must have United Healthcare Advantage
5051 SE 110th Street
       Belleview, FL 34420    
352-674-1730  phone
Dr. S. Kathleen Hirtz,  MD
Loves Landing Air Park
15943 SE 176th Street
Weirsdale, FL 32192
Phone: 352-391-2049
BASIC-MED   System  

As of May 1, 2017, Private Pilots have the option of getting a  3rd-Class Medical every 2
years, or flying under the new BasicMed rules, which
no longer require a 3rd-Class

AOPA explains the details, and has all the forms necessary for BasicMed.   

Under BasicMed, your personal doctor can give you the required physical exam.
Unfortunately many doctors refuse to do BasicMed exams because of liability and other

All BasicMed discussions are private between you and your doctor.  Nothing goes to
the FAA.

Local physicians listed below are willing to do BasicMed flight physicals.  If anyone
finds other doctors willing to do BasicMed exams, let me know and I will add him/her to
the list below.

There are other requirement for BasicMed, such as taking a short online class and
passing a 30 question quiz.  If you fail the quiz, there is no penalty.  The quiz can be
taken as many times as necessary to pass.

Ultimately a form showing you passed the quiz, and the doctor certificate, must be kept
in your log book.  You must retake the quiz every 2 years and get a doctor exam every 4
years from a physician of your choice.