The Villages Aviation Club
Club Members Aircraft     (click photos to enlarge)
Roger Rowe:         Tecnam ASTORE LSA..  Rotax 912IS 100HP (Electronic ign
Gene Laskowitz:  PT-27  1942 Stearman
Robert and Mihoko Martel: PiperCherokee 180C
Chuck and Sandy Bondar:  Piper Archer II
John and Jan Balow:  Mooney Acclaim - Cruise 232 KTAS at 25000 feet
Jim Waymire:  Mooney  201
Mooney Acclaim article in Flying Magazine
Bill Leese:  Citabria 7ECA
Bob Hunter:  Vans RV 6a
Bernie Baker:  1956 Piper Super Cub with no flaps.
It has a 90hp continental engine.
John Viszlay:   Cessna 182J (Skylane)
Ken Jordan:  Piper Lance
Jack Lindsay:            Tail number is N1AD, which stands for One Aviator's Dream (not one
airworthiness directive). Plane is an RV-8A finished in 2001. Has a souped 200 HP
Lycoming IO 360  and cruises about 180 ktas on 9.5 gph. Makes about 230 hp at sea
level. Based at Dunnellon. Picture is over Bowman field in Louisville, KY.  Took 2 years to
build in my former garage in Ft Wayne, IN.
Ron: 1976  Piper Archer II
(looking for partner  734-751-8111)
Chuck Galloway:        1950 Ercoupe  415-G